001: Hygge


What is it?

Hygge (hue-gah) is a Scandinavian term for "coziness". It emphasizes creating a cozy atmosphere, and ultimately, a cozy life, to offset the gloomy Northern European winters. There is no right or wrong way to hygge: just do what brings you joy!

Why is it important?

While the effect of coziness on health has not been extensively studied, the fact that Denmark has been named one of the happiest countries in the world is more than a nice coincidence. Living a hygge-lifestyle may contribute to increased levels of everyday happiness, togetherness, relaxation, and contentment.


5 Ways to Add More Hygge to Your Life


Celebrate the "un-special" moments. One of the beauties of the hygge lifestyle is the priority that is given to the little things in life. Why wait for major holidays (which also can be majorly stressful) to celebrate? Did a spot-on parallel parking job? Your coffee tastes heavenly? Perfect! Let's enjoy the moment and celebrate! 


Nourish your body with real food. Rather than scarfing down on granola bars and diet-drinks that barely qualify as food, give your body what it truly deserves: REAL FOOD. Sit down with each meal, sans phone, and savor each bite. 


Build your space. Aesthetics are a huge part of the hygge lifestyle. Whether you want to throw some cozy blankets, light some candles, or play soothing music, a few small touches can turn your home into the ultimate comfort-zone.


Keep your tribe close. Surround yourself with those who uplift you and bring joy to your heart. Countless studies demonstrate that spending quality time with loved ones is crucial to mental health and perception of happiness.

5. Command + Z 'UNDO'

Make up an un-do list. North Americans are notorious for overstuffing their agendas with lengthy to-do lists, and unsurprisingly, our levels of stress and dissatisfaction are also sky-high. Prioritize the tasks that are important to you  and let the rest fall by the wayside.