If you have never seen a naturopathic doctor before, you may have questions. Here are some of my most frequently asked questions:

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what services do you offer

I currently offer:

  • Diagnostic testing - including food sensitivity testing, hormone panels, SIBO breath test

  • Clinical nutrition counselling

  • Exercise prescription

  • Botanical medicine

  • Acupuncture - including moxibustion and cupping

  • Sports medicine - including soft tissue, trigger point release, mobilizations, and naturopathic manipulations

Do i need a referral from my md

No. Naturopathic care does not require a referral.

do you offer direct billing?

I do offer direct billing with most insurance companies. Prior to your initial visit, please send me your insurance policy and provider information. Please note that I am not responsible for your insurance coverage, deductions, or any rejection of pay.

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